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Steam Pouch

Steam Pouches are like microwaveable pouches except for its having self venting system. Steam pouches have self venting which allows microwave to pass through the pouch without opening or tearing it before cooking. It will vent in 90 seconds while it’s cooked in the microwave oven. This steam pouch will give the utmost convenience to today’s busy customers.

Retort pouch

can be applied in any type of foods that need long shelf life in room temperature. Concept of retort pouch is pretty much the same with cans. Normal retort process is 123 Celsius for 30 minutes which is called, High Retort. Retort pouch is used in soup, tuna, salmon, shrimp, beef petty, curry, pet food, and other type of wet food. It can be made standup(shelf stable), 3side sealed and shaped pouch. Recently, institutional pouch is widely used in seafood industry. High temperature sterilization Excellent sealing capability Excellent up to 8 colors gravure printing Lower OTR, WTR and Longer shelf life Optional laminated layers for better barriers against moisture, humidity, puncturing.

Spout pouch

Spout pouches are normally used for liquid or powder products. They are widely used in Asia. Spouts and pouches are available in various shapes and sizes. Spout pouches are more versatile than cans or bottles and pouch graphics create a stronger impression. Spout pouches can be used for food products such as juices, sport and energy drinks, jams and jellies, catsup, mayonnaise, etc. Spout pouches can also be used for non-food products such as liquid soap and engine oil. The uses for spout pouches are endless.

Zipper pouch

The best feature of zipper pouches is re-closability. Zipper pouches are widely used for dairy products, dried foods, nuts and other snack food items. Sliding zipper provides easy opening and closing of pouches. Zipper pouches are growing in popularity every day. Notches for easy tear opening and various types of holes for hanging from display racks are excellent features of zipper pouches.

Microwavable pouch

Microwaveable pouch is a value added version of the traditional retort pouch. The convenience of microwaveable pouches is twofold. Consumers can microwave pouch to heat, then, eat directly from the pouch. Microwaveable pouches contain aluminum and the barrier is made from a specialized version of polyester film. Pouches can be used for meats, stews, curries, pasta sauce, rice and other processed foods. Microwaveable pouches provide the utmost convenience for today’s busy consumers.

Roll Stock/Shrink Label

These products are for customers with form fill seal machines or pouch making machines. Shrink label film is also available as roll stock. Up to 10 color gravure printing on substrates of PET(Polyester), CPP(Casted Poly-Propylene), BOPP(Bi-Oriented Poly-Propylene), and BOPA(Bi-Oriented Poly-Amide). For auto packaging by form-fill-seal equipment.

Coffee Pouch

Coffee Pouch with or without Degassing Valve. Coffee pouches can also be used for tea and other powdered drink mixes. Degassing valve allows pouch to breathe, maintaining freshness of coffee.

Stand Up Pouch

Stands upright on sealed edges of bottom gusset. Excellent for shelf display. Beautiful high resolution graphics are gravure printed on front and back of pouch. V notches, for easy tearing, are available. Nutritional information, recipes, or pictures of finished product can be featured on stand up pouch.

3-Side Sealed Pouch

Basic pillow type pouch with opening at top or bottom. V Notch for easy tearing of pouch. 3-sided sealed pouch has excellent heat sealing properties and seals are exceptionally strong. Beautiful high resolution graphics can be printed on both sides of pouch.

Shaped Pouch

Shaped Pouches are the most eye-catching product of all. It could be shaped from one to a hundred. In order to attract the customer who lives in a world where they face tons of similar products that is produced every day, the pouch should be developed in a way of catching their attention. And also this pouch should give our customers joy and fun while they’re enjoying the product. This shaped pouch will be the answer to this premise!

Refill Pouch

Refill Pouches could conserve the resources as well as reduce the expenses. Today’s customers are interested in green world. As part of our tries for saving the earth, our customers intend to reduce using the material that may harm the nature and the customers are very economic in consumption at the same time. This refill pouch will meet the needs of our customers.