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Why use Pouches
Advantages of Using Pouches
Save time and energy
It reduces time for heating or cooking which simultaneously saves electrica energy.
Savings in warehousing and logistics
The mass fraction of flexible packaging usually does not exceed 5% weight of the product, not to mention that volume occupy 85% less space than canned product.
Preserving palatability
The polymeric material does not affect the taste of the product, as usually is the case with can.
Ease of use and utilization
By not needing a sharp opener or knife in order to open the pouch, it makes it much safer especially when dealing with children’s product. Flexible design allows to extracting the contents of the package almost completely, and then dispose of the packaging does not occupy much space.
If the package is equipped with zip-lock, it makes it possible to re-close.
Unlimited design possibilities
Because we have so many opportunities in terms of shape, size, graphic design of the pouch, our pouch could be any kind of pouch that customer requests.